Game of Thrones Viewership Record Breaks

This week’s Game of Thrones episode had the most viewers of any episode in the series’ history, according to the Nielsen ratings. It also had the highest 18-49 rating, making it the most watched episode in the show’s history. That’s a huge increase for the first episode of the final season. This episode has a high likelihood of being the most popular of the entire series. In fact, viewers may be as eager to see this season’s finale as they were to watch last year’s third-to-last episode filmy4wep.

The episode’s average linear viewership increased over time, with episodes averaging millions of viewers each. The season finale of the popular series broke the record for the largest single episode ever on HBO, breaking the previous record of 13.4 million for season 8’s premiere. This show was the most anticipated television series finale in history, and the final episode drew mixed reviews from viewers. It received an average rating of 4.8 on IMDB and 57% on Rotten Tomatoes roobytalk.

The series finale “The Bells” has divided critics and fans. It has the lowest Rotten Tomatoes rating of any Game of Thrones episode. While it may not draw the highest ratings, fans are still eager to know who will sit on the Iron Throne. This season’s finale will likely draw even higher numbers. The series finale could break all previous records and become the most popular series in history. If the show continues to receive favorable ratings, the show will be a hit for many years to come dydepune.

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