How Many Law & Order Spin Offs Are Worthwhile?

In the past few decades, the Law & Order franchise has spawned a lot of spin-off series, but how many of these are truly worthwhile? There have been many movies based on the hit TV show. Some of the most popular spin-offs include The Shield, a comedy series starring Steve Carrell, and the hit drama series Psych. However, the franchise has also spawned several video games.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, which premiered in 1999, has become one of the most popular spin-offs. The series focuses on crimes committed against children and the abuse of sex. The show features original cast members, such as Mariska Hargitay. Ice-T also stars in the show as Fin Tutuola. For the fourth season, a spin-off focusing on The Shield will air in 2014.

Law & Order: For the Defense is set in New York and will be helmed by Carol Mendelsohn. Wolf and Universal Television will continue to collaborate on other L&O spin-offs. The show was supposed to debut in September, but the premiere was delayed until midseason. It will not return until 2022, but that’s okay, because Wolf reportedly has already signed a deal with NBC.

After more than a decade of television, the Law & Order franchise has spawned seven hit spin-offs. In all, the franchise is now comprised of nine different shows spanning different genres and cities. There are now two networks and nine shows. And the new series is likely to be the most popular for years to come. This is an indication of how popular the Law & Order franchise has become.

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