Party with your Family and Friends at Private Movie Screening

Movie theatres are among the most severely hit sectors by the epidemic, and despite the news of the restoration of movie theatres, people still don’t appear to want to go to them to view movies.

Strict rules about social distance, cleanliness, and sanitization have been set down by the government for movie theatres. As a result, fewer persons are permitted for each screening. Additionally, going to the movies at a theatre is not usually the top leisure activity. Because of this, despite the advent of multiplexes, attendance has remained poor 52av.

Therefore, the owners are considering all options and suggestions to increase income, which is also changing how people see movie theatres and consume visual media.

The effects of lockdown

If we consider March 2020, we can see that venues like gyms and movie theatres have reopened after being shuttered for over seven months. In certain states, theatres were permitted to open on October 15 with strong social distancing regulations in effect.

The effect of the lockdown is obvious in the profit and loss accounts of the majority of cinemas if we examine their most recent financial reports.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the ensuing lockdown, which resulted in theatres being closed down all over the country, multiplex chains and various cinemas reported a significant consolidated loss for the July–September quarter compared to a meager profit during the corresponding quarter last year.

Audience reaction upon unlock

Even though theatres have been reopening in parts of India for more than a year, the pace of the industry’s recovery has been gradual since film producers are being careful with new film releases.

The lack of new material, which is essential to the restoration of the film exhibition business, is a major reason why the authorities have failed to meet the regular operating standards.

The only option to keep movie theatres viable seems to be to find some alternative revenue streams until studios feel confident about producing high-budget films.

Making way for income

To diversify their revenue streams, multiplexes have developed a novel idea for providing big screen hire for private screenings. The majority of movie theatres now provide private screenings, the possibility to host parties within the theatres, and the creation of offshoots of their on-site food and beverage selection.

Recently, the majority of movie theatres introduced a promotion that allows anybody to reserve an entire cinema hall for a private screening of any movie with family and friends. The maximum audience size for screenings is 50 percent of the theater’s total seating capacity. They have guaranteed perfect safety and sanitation to the audience.

The benefits

Customers will be able to reserve a complete auditorium through the service for a modest booking fee for a small event of family and friends. The increased guest safety standards, personalized services, a customized order meal, a designated manager, and visitor exclusivity are all included with the private watching cinema service.

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