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Council clears view of Minneapolis skyline aihatmakertechcrunch 3/5/18 council signs off on natural light project in downtown aihatmakertechcrunch 2/19-22 scope of lighting project in downtown Minneapolis aihatmakertechcrunch 1/19 scope of lighting project in downtown Minneapolis aihatmakertechcrunch 12/27-29 scope of lighting project in downtown Minneapolis aihatmakertechcrunch

Minneapolis Council Signs Off On Natural Light

“To maintain the integrity of the skyline and a safe, healthy and appealing downtown, it’s critical that we maintain the highest possible level of natural light.” — Mayor Betsy Hodges

“This project is a critical part of the downtown experience. With the addition of the park, the skyline will be dark only in the morning and evening, when the sun will be out for most of the city.” — Minnesota State Highway Patrol

3/5/18 Council Clears View Of Minneapolis skyline

The Minneapolis skyline is known for its dramatic and dramatic light show, so it’s no surprise that the city’s skyline would capture the light as well. The result is a clear and distinct downtown skyline, which is what the city Council is trying to maintain.

2/19-22 Scope of Lighting Project in Downtown Minneapolis aihatmakertechcrunch

Theater lighting in downtown Minneapolis, why now is the time to be creative aihatmakertechcrunch

There are several causes for the Minneapolis skyline to lighten up, but one of the most consistent ones has been local and state arts and culture. The downtown arts district has grown tremendously in the last decade, and with it, has come plenty of convention and event space. It’s also made it easier for local companies to open shop in the area.

When the downtown arts district grew up, there was no tradition of turning on the lights. Now, while most people might have remembered the lights during the day, they might have also remembered being left with the dark after sunset. That’s where the lights come in — and there’s a reason they’re still on in the downtown area: It’s actually pretty cozy.

3D and virtual reality in the future: What will we see? aihatmakertechcrunch

It’s easy to forget now, but VR and 3D technology will continue to have a big impact on the environment. Just when we thought the shadow of tech was long over the landscape, we’ll start to see new forms of virtual reality emerging. We’ll start to see glasses, or VR glasses, that will actually project a 3D image into the room. This could be used to create a truly immersive, truly beautiful experience.

VR will be incredibly useful for people who want to enjoy the outdoors, but who can’t see the lighting. It could also come in handy for those who like to create things out of the dark. For example, if you enjoy making and using masks, you could use your VR glasses to create a virtual face for yourself.


The future of light in the world is now, and its effects will be felt most dramatically in the cities that bestow it. Building a better and more distributed light source is the key to a healthy, bright, and beautiful city. It will also be critical to improve the energy efficiency and construction of our community and infrastructure.

That’s what we can do now to have the safest, loveliest, and most enjoyable city in the world.

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