Turkish Hamam in Istanbul

The relaxing benefits of traditional Turkish baths in Istanbul are absolutely indisputable. The Turkish bath tradition has a long-established history, and you can find Turkish baths in every region of Turkey. Before rubbing your skin with olive oil soap, you soften it with hot steam. This opens the skin’s pores to flush out toxins from your body. In addition, it greatly contributes to the fresh appearance of your skin and relaxation.

Traditional Turkish bath is called hamam. It is definitely conveyed to the visitors who come to Istanbul as a place to be experienced and seen. The history of these baths dates back to the Roman period. The community in the Ottoman period accepted this culture and adapted it for itself. The baths in Istanbul, which are very interesting for tourists, are actively used and protected today. Everyone has their own favorite baths, but we can examine a few baths that appeal to the general public.

During the period when the Ottoman Empire was dominant, many baths were built. These baths are actively used today by both tourists and local residents. Each of the baths has everything you may need, so you can go directly there. Turkish baths are a culture that everyone who visits Turkey should experience toonily.

What Is Included in a Turkish Hamam?

Turkish baths are excellent places that allow you to relax and feel special. Baths have many service packages that are special for you. There are many service options available, such as aromatherapy massages, face masks, bubble baths, body scrub services, and saunas. We are sure that you will go on a journey in history while receiving these traditional services combined with historical places.

When you come to the Turkish baths, you can get the cleaning and care products you may need, such as olive oil soap, from there. If you live in Istanbul or have been there for a visit, it is definitely an activity that you should experience. The experiences you will have here will relax you and beautify your skin.

Hürrem Sultan Hamam

Hürrem Sultan Hamam is a place that is highly visited by tourists. The fact that it is located in the most visited place of Istanbul, is very effective in spreading these visits. Hürrem Sultan Hamam, located near the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, is very popular in this region. The price of this bath may seem a little expensive in other regions. But according to the service packages here, their prices may vary. You can find the same service packages in all other baths.

If you want to relax at the highest level and feel special, you can buy the all-inclusive package. The prices of all-inclusive packages may be expensive, but you can also choose a suitable package for yourself. This hamam was built in the name of Hurrem Sultan, the wife of Sultan Suleiman. Suleiman the Magnificent is one of the most famous rulers of the Ottoman Empire. This bath was built by Mimar Sinan. Mimar Sinan is one of the greatest architects of the Ottoman period.

Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamam

Kılıç Ali Pasha is a sailor. He made great contributions to the construction of this bath and had the most talented architect of the Ottoman Empire build it at that time. This Turkish bath got its name from Kılıç Ali Pasha, who took the lead in its construction. This bathhouse, which was first built to serve the Ottoman Empire navy, managed to survive for many years and was opened to the use of the local people. Kılıç Ali Pasha Hamam is known for its large dome. It is also known for its excellent quality of service. This makes it one of the best Turkish baths in Istanbul.

Services will start as soon as you start exploring the hamam. The uniqueness of the structure will impress you and you will not be able to stop examining it. Special discounted prices are applied for your children in Kılıç Ali Pasha hamam. You can have a pleasant time in this hamam. You can have a meal and a drink in the small restaurant. There are also places around where you can buy gifts for friends and family. It would be quite good for you to make a reservation before going to Kılıç Ali Pasha hamam because you may not find a place.

Çemberlitaş Hamam

Tourists show great interest in the Çemberlitas Turkish bath. The Çemberlitaş Hamam, which is visited by tourists, is a unique example for you to see this culture. Due to its location, it is located on a busy street, which makes it a good point for rest and relaxation.

The construction of the Çemberlitaş Hamam dates back to the end of the 1500s. This place offers you all the historical beauties. There are private cabins, pools, and a large temperature stone in the Çemberlitaş hamam, just like in other hamams. You can relax and enjoy lying on the warm marble. Çemberlitas hamam also offers special services to you with many package options.

Ağa Hamam

Ağa Hamam has a simple and modest structure. If you are in favor of simplicity, this Turkish bath is exactly the place you need to see. Aga Hamam was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmed, one of the most famous sultans of the Ottoman Empire.

The building where the Aga Bath is located was first built as the hunting house of Fatih Sultan Mehmed. The building was built in 1454, 1 year after the conquest of Istanbul. Aga Hamam is shown as one of the best Turkish baths in Istanbul with its quality service understanding that has come down to the present day.

Galatasaray Hamam

Galatasaray Hamam is very popular due to its proximity to Istiklal Street, one of the busiest streets in Istanbul. This Turkish bath was built by Sultan Beyazit II in 1481. It is rumored that it was built thanks to a poet of that time. Galatasaray Hamam, which is open to the public today, is also known for hosting many events there. You can also find a lot of treats in it.

Suleymaniye Hamam

Suleymaniye Hamam is located as a section of Süleymaniye Mosque. This Turkish bath was specially built by Mimar Sinan for Suleiman the Magnificent. The Suleymaniye Mosque is known as the journeyman work of Mimar Sinan. It still exists in the center of the historical peninsula, located in Istanbul. Although Suleymaniye Hamam, which has a deep-rooted history, is quite old, it retains its structure with the works carried out.

Suleymaniye Hamam has a very different feature. In addition to the fact that men and women are in separate places in this Turkish bath, there are special cabins where you can be with your family. Couples and families widely prefer this hamam.

The pricing at Suleymaniye Hamam is normally met by its visitors. It is usually the reason for preference because it accepts couples together. Prices may vary, and you can get detailed information by contacting Suleymaniye Hamam for a booking.

Last Words

Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city, and it is home to many cultures. Due to its location, Istanbul has always been important for empires and states. Istanbul, which has brought so much historical and cultural heritage from the past to the present, is also a favorite city of investors. Properties in Turkey have always attracted investors.

By purchasing a property in Istanbul, you can have many advantages. The most common example of these is that you can get a monthly rental fee by renting, or you can also consider moving here. Since Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, there are high-quality education and health options available. In addition, the city is so developed that you can easily have everything you may need on a daily basis. As Tolerance Homes, we are helping you to realize these thoughts and facilitate your real estate transactions with our experience spanning more than 20 years.

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