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Councilmember Rick Nerheim is making history again. On Aug. 17, the Minneapolis City Council created a task force specifically tasked with designing a new city core strategy. The council also unanimously approved an increase in property tax to fund it. Today, the top brass of government has announced that they’ll be working on creating a new city planning agency—but, as you might expect, that’s much more than just a list of tasks and ideas. But what exactly is the new architecture for government in Minneapolis? How will it differ from its neighbors in other cities? These are some of the key takeaways we take from this week’s announcements.

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The Minneapolis Council is creating a new agency

On Aug. 16, the Minnesota legislature passed the first major expansion of their state’s public utility bankruptcy laws. The law will make it much easier for cities and towns to create their own self-help organizations. The new agency will be made up of 17 members appointed by the state governor and will report to the President and CEO of the state electricity and fiber company. The new agency is expected to cost $500 million.

The new city planning department

The new city planning department is expected to include the same people who created the state’s public utilities law. The new department will report to the city manager, who in turn reports to the mayor. Some of the new department members will include: – Planning and Zoning Chairman – Planning and Zoning Manager – Planning and Zoning Judge – Deputy City Manager – Senior Deputy City Manager – Planning and Zoning Officer The new department will be led by longtime city planner David Kopp. Kopp has been with the city of Minneapolis for 28 years, and is responsible for the planning of almost all city activities.

The new core will explore strategies for urban renewal

In addition to exploring strategies for urban renewal, the new city planning department will also be tasked with sketching out a new master plan for the area. The plan will outline the concepts and goals of the new city and its core, and will take the form of a physical book.

New buildings for office and housing

The new city planning department will also be charged with creating a new range of new buildings for the area. The focus will be on design ideas for new office and housing projects, as well as the renovation and expansion of existing ones.

The new City Hall complex will accommodate both public and private uses

The new City Hall complex will contain mixed uses, including commercial, hotel, and residential properties. The mixed-use property at 6th Avenue and Highway 61 North is one of the most recognizable and recognizable buildings in the area. The complex will also contain a private parking lot and a golf course.

The town square will be memorialized with a parklet

In addition to the new city planning Hibooz department, the new town square will beCommemorated April 20 with a parklet. The parklet will trace the history of the area, from both the city’s founding and its transition to a more highly urbanized society, and document the area’s role in the transformation of the American cities by way of the Great Lakes.

The Historic Core Plan is now available for public review

In addition to the news about the new city planning department and the new town square, we also have a hard copy of the historic core plan in front of us. fashionnowdays The plan is a must-read for any city planner, and anyone interested in planning in this area will want to check it out. The plan is divided into five major sections: Planning and Zoning, Environmental Issues, Historic and Architectural Influences, Planning and Community Problem Solving, and Planning Strategies.


The Minneapolis City Council created the new city planning department to provide more detailed planning for the area. The new department will also report to the city manager, and will include people who oversee the planning of the city’s largest projects. The new city planning department is expected to cost between $500 million and $1 billion, making it the largest building project in state history.


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